laFeltrinelli is the mobile application for iOS and Android smartphone and tabet devices that lets you:

  • Find and discover books, music, movies, toys for your kids and much more, through the advanced research system or by scanning the product bar code.
  • Read reviews, watch and read special content about your favorite products and authors, including videos, podcasts, reviews, awards, etc.
  • Write your own reviews and share them with fellow Feltrinelli customers.
  • Check product availability in nearby stores, order them, or buy them online.
  • Order your CartaPiù fidelity card, check your point balance, and discover special discounts and offers dedicated to all card owners.
  • Find the closest Feltrinelli store to your location, check opening hours and get directions to reach it.
  • Check the status of your orders on the dedicated widget, collect them at the store or look for them at your preferred address.
  • Look for the events being organized in your area and share them with your friends.

The app integrates the 01tribe proximity marketing proprietary platform 345mxm® to enable profiled and location-based notification campaigns